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Posted: Monday, 24 October 2005 12:20, Edited: Monday, 20 April 2015 11:47

I wasn't joking when I said that the weekend would be the best one this year - it really was. I had a lot of fun and was really happy all the time.

Jon came to Örebro at noon on Friday to continue a tattoo theme he began months ago. When he was done with that he came to my office and we hung out for a while before we went to the rehearsal room and started to write some songs as we were waiting for Urban.

Urban's train came at 8 so we started of with a meal and then headed to the rehearsal room again and begun playing for real. It was such fun playing with these two guys again - I've missed it a lot and I think the feeling was mutual. Smiling faces all of the time and Jon headbanged so hard that his hat flew away (as usual).

We wrote five songs and recorded a quick rehearsal on a normal tape deck before we called it the quits at midnight. We headed towards my place and I entertained the guys with some excerpts of my live mix and the artwork for "Grind Finale". At this point I had recieved the terrible news from Relapse so it was kinda sad to go through the artwork knowing that it'll be another couple of months until it's released.

I had also recieved the first split 7" offer for this new project! HAHA! Imagine that - coming home from the first rehearsal and already have a record offer! And the email was even sent and recieved BEFORE we started the rehearsal! Crazy!

On Saturday morning we had a date with Mieszko's girlfriend who joined us for breakfast at a café. It was great for all of us to get together and talk about almost everything. Emma shared some of her stories from her experiences during and after the Tsunami, and eventhough I have heard them before it's such a moving story that you can't really help but wonder how the hell she survived.

After breakfast we went to the cemetery so Jon could visit Mieszko's grave for the first time:

Emma brought her little puppy that was cute as hell:

Then we went to the rehearsal room again. I brought my laptop and harddrive and pluged it into my recording equipment and we recorded a "professional", multitrack rehearsal, and we even recorded a bass track to bring forth the massive sound! We wrote a sixth track too, so all in all six tracks were recorded (about 7-8 minutes of music). Once I'm done mixing the stuff I will share a track or two.

We then had a not very nutricious meal at the infamous Bagdad:

And then Jon and Urban went back to Stockholm. Next session might happen in December, hopefully with the fourth member Jesper. We have discussed adding Rickard Alriksson to the band aswell, making it an all ex-Nasum members project, and I happened to meet him at the store after I had left Jon and Urban at the trainstation and he was a little bit interested in it. We'll see...

During the Saturday evening I went to a Millencolin show, their first one in Örebro for three years, and during the show Larzon the drummer wore the "Mieszko" t-shirt, which actually was the first time I saw it on anyone. It was quite a strong feeling to see that. After the show I told a guy from work that I had been playing with Jon and Urban and he asked me how it felt to play without Mieszko.

The truth is that I didn't think much about it. I was so high on the great feeling of playing music that I love with people that I love playing music with and there was no room for depressing feelings. I hope that Mieszko saw us from grindcore heaven and liked that we were continuing everything in some way.
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