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Question from Josh (IP: posted September 2, 2007 21:31:23:
Did you now that Fenriz from Darkthrone was beeing arrested when protesting against apartheid in South Africa?
It was something I read sometime ago. Thought that this is very interesting. He seems to be a good guy.
It just came back to my mind when I saw you wearing a Darkthrone Shirt on the Coldworker Site...
Somehow that story sounds slightly unbelievable, but who knows? First I've heard about it. / Anders
Question from josh (IP: posted August 31, 2007 23:39:18:
hey there,

i am always very interested in the questions people are asking here..
so why were this two outstanding answers not being answered within the last days? I mean there are still 2 unanswered questions left since some days while others have been answered...
strange question i know, but i just want to hear something since is the site i am checking almost everyday..;)
They are not questions per se, but includes information that I need to save for a while and I'm too lazy to move the information elsewhere! / Anders
Question from linus (IP: posted August 29, 2007 11:40:23:
Hello Anders!
Since I myself is a very openminded listener and listen to all kinds of music (of course including grindcore and Nasum), it would be interesting to know whether you listen to any music that is not metal/punk/grind?
Yes. / Anders
Question from Omen (IP: posted August 23, 2007 15:00:25:
Hey Anders!
How are you doing (I don't know you, but it's something I just ask everytime I talk to someone)?

I'd like to ask you a couple of things about the sound you guys produced on 'Shift' and 'Helvete'. I ask this because I'm very interested in recording techniques and sound, and of course music.

The first thing I wanted to ask you was how did you manage to get the raw, roaring sound of the guitars? Effects, pedals, amplifiers, etc...?

The second thing was at the beginning of the songs Fight Terror With Terror, and some other (I can't remember, heh), there is this weird sound generated. I can't describe it, but you'll know what I mean. Were that samples or guitars, or...?

The final thing I wanted to ask is that you used a certain cymbal on some songs. The only thing that pops up in my mind is Living Next Door to Malice. There are some other songs, a whole bunch even. Only the ones on Helvete pops up. Anyways, you used a certain cymbal that made a China-like sound while you blasted. You used that cymbal to mark certain notes on guitar, or that's how it seemed to me. I hope you know what I mean. So the question is, what cymbal was that?

Bye, take care.
Sorry for your loss, as it was one to many.

-Blast Fast, Die Slow
1. This is certainly the most frequently asked question, that I have answered numerous times. And again: the sound of a recorded guitar is made out of the mikes on the guitar, the amp, the cabinette, the eventual pedals used, the mike(s) that recordes the sound, the size of the room, the soundboard, eq's and effects and not to forget the actual musician who plays the guitar. The easy answer is: we're from Sweden - that raw, crunchy, fat sound is in our blood! :) But for a more detailed description, check out Mieszko's "recording of Helvete".

2. Is it the feedback during the drum introduction you are thinking about?

3. That was a China cymbal! / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted August 17, 2007 22:08:44:
Hey there, Anders.

I finally started to get back into drumming again,
and I wanted to ask if you for a tip or something.
Have you found it easier to play blastbeats open handed or close hand?

P.S - My friend and I are planning to do some type of Nasum Tribute, I was going to choose about 30 songs ranging from any EP, CD, Demo tape or what not you have made. I'll give you a shout when it's complete =).
I guess with "open handed" you mean to have your fingers grip the bounce of the stick instead of using your wrists/arms? That is the correct way to play any beat, but to my knowledge I've only seen one blastdrummer do it (that be Danny of Napalm Death).
I would say that I guess I play "closed" by default, but sometimes I try to work of the bounce and if you master that technique I think the blasts can be both solid and hard.
But in the end, any way that works is fine as long as you don't hurt yourself or get tired fast etc. / Anders
Question from Matthias (IP: posted August 11, 2007 17:34:50:
Vem av sångarna är det som sjunger i The engine of death?
Mieszko och han Rogga som lade lite bakgrund här och där. / Anders
Question from Matthias (IP: posted August 11, 2007 04:31:15:
Tja! Tänkte först och främst tacka för eran musik som är så grymt bra. Och era texter som är lika bra, om inte bättre! Tycker speciellt låtar som The Engine of Death, Take a look at society och andra låtar ni gjort med liknade budskap, är riktigt bra. Var det någon speciellt i bandet som låg bakom skrivandet av dem låtarna, eller var det alla?
Tja, låtarna du listade är skrivna av mig respektive Rickard så då är det väl "alla" som skrev låtarna... Hm... / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted August 3, 2007 19:28:27:
Hello, Anders!

I was checking out a few Nasum videos on,
and I found one of you guys playing at Hultsfred.
I figured out most of the songs, since the sound was intense, and then a new singer came on-stage for "Think". Was that Rickard?
Yes. / Anders
Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted August 2, 2007 20:31:39:
skumt hittar inte skivan någonstans....får väl ta och leta vidare då! En liten annan fråga om du skulle ranka de bästa grindcore banden i sverige, vilka skulle det vara?
Prova att kontakta dem på deras MySpace (där det finns nya låtar att lyssna på) för inköp.
Jag tänker inte ranka mina kollegor. / Anders
Question from P (IP: posted August 2, 2007 00:51:38:
did you and mieszko had a death metal band called bloodshed?
if yes how can we hear?
Yes. Or a short lived project. A couple of rehearsals and then a recording and that was it. I only have the Bloodshed songs on cassette and DAT, but hopefully one day I will be able to put them online. / Anders
Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted August 1, 2007 19:33:20:
några aningar när nya sayyadina skivan verkar släppas? Du kanske till och med har hört den?
Jag fick den häromveckan. Den är kanon. Mycket bättre än första plattan. Antar att den är ute nu. / Anders
Question from P (IP: posted August 1, 2007 00:48:18:
do you accept money for merch with the western union program?
No. I have tried that before but it's extremely complicated for me to ultimately get the money. / Anders
Question from satch (IP: posted July 30, 2007 15:45:48:
alright guys,im in a band called ichabod vega.we have some songs done and were looking for some probably get this alot but it would be amazing if you could have a listen and let us know what you think

Sounds pretty cool, nice riffs and that. Sounds like a drum machine though and the vocals are a little bit too noisy for my taste. Also some parts sounded a little bit "jokey", like that fishfingers sample in the first song.

Keep it up. / Anders
Question from L (IP: posted July 30, 2007 14:23:35:
is it true that napalm death recorded the song "the masked face"?
if yes where can we find it
No. / Anders
Question from L (IP: posted July 26, 2007 14:09:45:
have you ever recorded nasum material with the boss metalzone pedal?or only with the ds-1?
for the bass guitar you used 1 or 2 channels in the recording studio?
do you like martial arts?
There's been a bunch of different distortion pedals used during the 15 recording sessions, the DS-1 was more frequent than the Metal Zone.
As for the bass guitar I don't quite understand the question, but if you're wondering if we tracked the bass twice that only happened on the "Domedagen" demo. Of course in some parts (like breaks and such) the bass is overdubbed, but mainly it's just one bass track. It's possible Mieszko used a number of mikes tracking the bass on several channels to mix it together, I can't remember. / Anders
Question from Walti (IP: posted July 23, 2007 01:54:11:
Är Grind Finale slutsåld ifrån dig redan?
Redan? CD:n har jag aldrig (officiellt) sålt och vinylerna gick snabbare än blixten. / Anders
Question from Pete (IP: posted July 19, 2007 17:33:33:
I was amazed with all the nice grindbands that came out from Sweden in late 90´s like Nasum, Regurgitate or I´m totally into spanish grindcore, bands like Looking for an answer or Nashgul. I think they are like a new hope for the people involved in old school grind nowdays, what do u think about this bands??
Don't believe I've heard them. / Anders
Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted July 19, 2007 12:06:22:
Hur ofta uppdateras merch mailing listorna?
Aldrig numera. Alla som beställer får personliga mail när paket postats. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted July 18, 2007 10:52:44:
Hello there, Anders.

I had a few questions I was wanting to ask;

1. Had you ever planned on having the cover for "Helvete" on a T-shirt? I thought it was a really unique looking picture.

2. I have boughten most of the Nasum shirts for sale on, and I must say the new "Wrath" design is fucking WICKED.
Was that a new design Relapse or you created?
1. No.
2. No, that's the work of Orion at Relapse. I made some suggestions for changes that he incorporated (mainly how the logo was displayed in the design). I'm anxious to see how it looks for real (if you have missed it - here's a link. / Anders
Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted July 17, 2007 12:09:09:
t-shirtarna är det samma exakt samma som coldworker t-shirtarna? och den långärmade, hur pass stora storlekar är den i?
Normala, samma förhållande som tröjorna. / Anders
Question from Linus (IP: posted July 16, 2007 04:27:00:
Tjenare Anders.
Satt och funderade på varför det inte gjorts några kepsar med nasumrelaterade tryck.?
En vanlig svart keps med den vita nasumlogon, eller ännu bättre "in memory of Mieszko"- logon med årtal som på t-shirten du lät trycka. Det känns fortfarande bra att jag hann komma över den sista av dem.
Anyway, en keps skulle sitta fint på min snart snaggade skalle.
Ha det fint!
Det har funnits kepsar. Flera gånger. Problemet ligger i att det har varit svårt att hitta riktigt bra sådana. Unrest Records har gjort Nasum kepsar som ska vara schyssta - mina ex har fastat hos Rugge/RGTE så jag vet inte hur de ser ut. / Anders
Question from L (IP: posted July 15, 2007 22:37:54:
hey what's up?
why you don't use trigger to the bass drum so we can hear it better?
I am a fan of the organic, real drumsound. If you can't hear it, listen more carefully. / Anders
Question from danny (IP: posted July 14, 2007 12:21:01:
hey anders

id just like to say that all the things you have done in nasum along with all the others (of course) have had a huge influence on me!

i wondered if you knew how i could find a good grind drummer there seems to be a very big lack of them in the uk!
also im loveing the coldworker stuff its quite sick!
hope to see you guys here soon

Thanks for the support. Well, try to post some "looking for a drummer"-notes in the local record and music stores. It's a start. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted July 14, 2007 11:10:54:

I got my merch-stuff from Sweden to Germany within 3 days. Your "service" is incredibly fast, the shirts and the sweater look great!
I am collecting band-shirts. How many do you have?
What's your favourite one from another band and what's your fave from Nasum?
Tack and greetings,
I probably have too many band shirts for my own good. Current "other band" favorite is the Converge hoodie I bought during the Coldworker tour and current Nasum favorite is the "Bugs" sweatshirt. Always loved the design and it works really good on the sweatshirt. / Anders
Question from Niclas (IP: posted July 12, 2007 01:59:06:
Hallå Anders. Skivsamlarintervjun vi gjorde ligger online nu. tänkte nämna den här så andra kan läsa:

Ha det fint
Tack för det. / Anders
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