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Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted July 7, 2007 12:21:37:
något förband spikat för kvällens rens med coldworker?
Morbidity. / Anders
Question from jesper (IP: posted June 29, 2007 19:44:12:
Tjenare Anders.
jag undrar om det fortfarande går att få tag i nasum merchandise någonstans? typ t-shirts med mera.
ha det gött!
Ta en titt på sidan om några dagar så får du t-shirts till förbannelse... / Anders
Question from tiong miss nasum (IP: posted June 26, 2007 14:47:08:
hi anders,mind if u can put some rare picture of nasum for example the 1st pose band which never publish in the website..or mayb picture of your home practicising studio..or mayb others old collection picture that u can share with us..

grind finale is the best grind album in the world for the inlay show up one of the flyer nasum play with cryptopsy.what you think about them from musically view?
Everything is in the "Grind Finale" booklet or on the website.
I'm really not a big fan of Cryptopsy, but there's no discussion that they are talented people. / Anders
Question from Samson (IP: posted June 21, 2007 17:49:15:
Hello !

We know that Nasum always gave us an apocalyptic and transcending music. But if the music is huge, what is the albums' sound ?!?

So one and just one question : What will happen to Master Mieszko's Soundlab ?

P.S. : Nasum for ever !
This has been answered before. Soundlab is now the headquarters of Millencolin. Sometimes recordings are done there. It's very likely that the drums for the next Coldworker album will be recorded in Soundlab. / Anders
Question from thomas (IP: posted June 19, 2007 18:42:26:
thats pretty wicked (i just got up and tried it.)

but what i was talking about was the part of 'no sign of improvement' at about 20 seconds in.
(sorry if i didnt make that clearer)
That's just a guitar thing. / Anders
Question from thomas (IP: posted June 18, 2007 23:05:36:
hey anders, do you know how the high pitched part of the intro to 'no sign of improvement' on inhale/exhale was done?
ie. what pedals or effects were used
I guess you mean "I see lies"? It was a guitar cable pressed against a metal chair. It's true! See the Track by track for further info. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted June 14, 2007 05:32:14:
Hey, Anders.

I believe you are going on tour in... a day or 2, so I wasn't sure if this question would make it to you in time,
but were there any songs of Nasum that you had a hard time playing live? Like a more difficult song to play live, rather than in the studio?
The "too hard to play live"-some were those that basically were impossible for Mieszko to sing and play at the same time. As we never worked on lyrics and song rhythms during the creative process, only during the recording process, some songs ended up with song arrangements that were only doable in the studio. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted June 9, 2007 02:20:38:
Jag besöker dvdkritik relativt ofta. Måste ge beröm för en mycket bra sida! Jag hittade för någon dag sedan att du tycker att Almost Famous är den bästa filmen någonsin!? Jag kan inget annat än hålla med! En underbar film, jag älskar verkligen extramaterialet till den särskilt det när man själv måste sätta på "Stairway To Heaven", hur kul som helst!:) Det skulle vara kul med någon form av kommentarfunktion på sidan, det är inget ni har några planer på?

Hur går det med nya Coldworker-låtar? Det var ett tag sen vi fick nyheter om dessa. Något som kommer spelas på den stundande turnén?

Jag har fått för mig att du är ett Smashing Pumpkins-fan, stämmer det? Isf, vad tycker du om den nya låten och vad har du för förväntningar på nya skivan? Tycker själv att låten bådar väldigt gott inför skivan, var orolig med tanke på Billys senaste soloverk men det här känns som SP igen!
Hm, blev lite spretiga frågor och kommentarer hoppas det är lugnt!
Ha det!
Kommentarfunktion kommer eventuellt i framtiden. Vi får se.

Just nu ligger vi lågt med de nya låtarna och tar upp tråden i juli efter turnén. Vi har sju låtar skrivna, några komplett med texter, så det går framåt.

Jag har goda förhoppningar på nya Smashing Pumpkins. "Tarantula" tycker jag är en helt okej låt, lite old school blandat med Zwans positiva anslag. Billy Corgans soloskiva är min största skivbesvikelse någonsin, så SP:s nya lär ställa allt till rätta igen. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted June 2, 2007 04:18:23:
Hey, Anders.

I read through the "Grind Finale" booklet a few times, and I saw that you liked your vocals the best on "Dis Sucks", and they were prety damn good, and to the questions...

1. What other song(s) did you think your vocals shined on?
I thought "This Is.." was pretty good, since you did some brutal growling, with some screaming. =D

2. Which song(s) did you have most fun with your vocals on?
I've made a few grind/death songs, myself, and it sure is fun to grab the mic and just give it hell.
1. I'd say that I am most satisfied with the vocals on the "Regressive Hostility" recording (from which "Dis sucks" came from). On the following two albums that I sung on there were so many tracks that the vocals only became "good" the first takes.

2. Again, I'd like to point out a complete recording rather than some specific tracks, and it that case I think it was the "World in turmoil"/"The black illusions" session as it was the first time I sung for Nasum. The result is so so but it was quite fun to complete the songs with vocals. As a result I lost my voice for a week, as described in the "Grind Finale" booklet. / Anders
Question from GA (IP: posted May 30, 2007 10:01:52:
hello anders,
I got the Nasum Grind Finale from Mike at Unrest.I asked him some questions about the release and the work for this I think it´s one of the best produced vinyl editions ever.the cd book was/is amazing,but the vinyl version is a dream!!!
I always read questions about old and rare Nasum guys,ask me,maybe I can help you!
this is no commercial,it´s a support for one of the best bands in the world!so no kiddies,only vinyl junkies^^!!

my question:
did you hear something about a Nasum tribute or Nasum cover bands?
I have read that you skated.Do you still have a skateboard or skate stuff?
I don´t think that you skate every day,but maybe you buy some bread at you local baker^^!
cheers ga
1. I get the occational cover song every now and then but I don't know anything about any tributes or cover bands.
2. Yes, I have a beat up old school skateboard in the attic somewhere. It has not touched ground in quite a while... / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted May 28, 2007 08:19:15:
Good mornin, Anders.

Listening to all of the album "Helvete" today,
I was trying to figure out if Shane Embury played on any more tracks other then "Whip" ? If so ... which ones?
Not on the album, but he played on a few other tracks from the "Helvete" session, released on the "Grind Finale" 2xCD/4xLP. / Anders
Question from bIlLy (IP: posted May 28, 2007 00:48:10:

Did you ever take any Drum lesson when you began drumming or after a few years into drumming? One more question, Do you have any advise on balance in grinding?

Thanks for Reading
I took lessons for eight years when I began drumming at age 10. To answer the other question I need to know what kind of balance you mean. But generally speaking I do not have any good advise at all, but focusing and practising! / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted May 24, 2007 01:33:42:
På tal om Hellfest... Måste vara en av, om inte det, bästa line-upsen till Hellfest av alla Europas festivaler. Grymt mycket bra band! Vilket ser du själv fram emot att få se?
Vad tycker du om Secrets of the Moon som också spelar där? Grym progressiv Black Metal som känns som något som skulle tilltala dig!?
Ha det!
Ja, det är helt bisarrt vilken line-up det är. Personligen är jag idagsläget mest sugen på Machine Head eftersom jag torskat rejält för "The Blackening", men givetvis lockar Mastodon något enormt. Men jag kommer att göra mitt bästa för att se Korn, Cannibal Corpse, Mayhem och lite Earth Crisis. Och kanske Slayer.
Synd att jag inte blir kvar hela festivalen. Hade varit kul att hänga med Napalm Death och spana in Immortal och - förstås - Neurosis... (Converge kommer jag att se vid andra tillfällen under turnén).
Secrets of the Moon har jag inte hört. Tack för tipset. / Anders
Question from yohan. (IP: posted May 23, 2007 19:53:17:
it's not really a question (please excuse my poor english i'm a dumb french guy ^^)..just to say that 3 years after the tragedy , Mieszko is still alive in heart of true fans of nasum (like me)...
i saw you a the fury fest in france in 2004 , and i met you just after your show on the main stage , just behind the drum kit on stage,me and my band played this year with bunch of fucking ggod bands like you guys !!
this year we play again at the same fest (called hellfest now) and the "souvenir" of your show is still in my head..
this post is just a "tribute" to mieszko and nasum...thank you guys for what you've done !
nasum rules !
Thanks, see you at Hellfest then! / Anders
Question from Niclas (IP: posted May 22, 2007 10:44:50:
Gött! Kommer du göra helt nya tryck eller bara reprints av de gamla?
Kan bli en ny variant av någon gammal (dvs färgförändringar, typ av plagg etc). Har inte riktigt bestämt mig än. / Anders
Question from Josh (IP: posted May 19, 2007 00:07:58:
I just read that relapse "throw out" your split with pig destroyer and antigama for free if you buy anything there.
Are there other ways to get the split?

It's a mailorder only 7" so I guess you have to buy something to
get it! / Anders
Question from Niclas (IP: posted May 18, 2007 15:42:19:
Kom igen nu Anders, skicka iväg en beställning på svarta tröjor med nasum-logo på nästa gång du ska trycka nånting med Coldworker
Jag KOMMER att göra nya Nasum-tröjor i sommar. Jag lovar! / Anders
Question from Attila Nemeth (IP: posted May 17, 2007 16:41:35:
What about the Nasum/Napalm Death split?


Do you know someone who wants to sell a World in turmoil Green vinyl?

Thanx a lot!
Two questions, one answer: No idea. / Anders
Question from Nasumfan 4 ever (IP: posted May 15, 2007 09:40:24:
Känner du inte en arrangör som kan dra ihop någonting? Vore skitballt!

Ska ni inte återuppliva Nasum igen då föresten? vore asballt.

R.I.P Miesko
Så vitt jag ser det så finns det nog inget utrymme i Örebros konsertliv för en spelning innan sommaren. Massor med jox på gång.

Den andra frågan var dock jävligt dum. / Anders
Question from Tord (IP: posted May 14, 2007 13:52:00:
Men gud va du är bitter Anders, det enda han vill är ju att se er spela. Sen kan väl band faktiskt arrangera spelningar själva. Tror inte ni är så stora att det inte skulle funka
Bitterheten är kanske inte helt på blodigaste allvar... :)
Men ändå: jag har varit arrangör tidigare i livet och det är inget jag tänker plocka upp igen. Det finns massor av duktiga arrangörer i stan som gärna får sköta den biten. / Anders
Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted May 13, 2007 12:55:32:
nej men det vore kul om ni kunda dra ihop några kompisband och bara lira nånstans
Fortfarande en uppgift för en arrangör. / Anders
Question from Goregrinder (IP: posted May 13, 2007 09:22:49:
kan du inte fixa ett gig med coldworker,regurgitate och gadget i örebro? vore riktigt bra!
Ser jag ut som en arrangör? / Anders
Question from PshyCom (IP: posted May 11, 2007 18:57:06:
Var kan man få tag på genocides lyrick´s alt. tabs??
Det finns inga texter och tabs finns det nog inga heller. / Anders
Question from Jordan J. (IP: posted May 6, 2007 08:04:46:
Good morning, Anders.

I read a previous question and you said Coldworker and Pig Destroyer were going to be doing a split?

In my opinion, that would honestly be one of the best splits ever created. =D

Any news on this topic?
Not really. It's a Coldworker, Antigama, Pig Destroyer split for Relapse's mailorder. Our track is the bonus from the Japanese version of "The Contaminated Void". Don't know how exclusive the other bands material is. / Anders
Question from Andy (IP: posted May 6, 2007 07:43:54:
Hi anders.
I was wondering what the japanesse writing on the 'grind' t shirt converts to in english? i assume it says grind but im curious.

much respect, your music will inspire me for a lifetime.
Yes, it's "grind" ("fun-zai") in Japanese. / Anders
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