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Question from Linus (IP: posted July 10, 2005 01:47:08:

Har man alla Nasum-låtar som någonsin spelats in när man äger alla 4 nasum-Cd:na och Grind finale?
Till 99%. / Anders
Question from Niklas & resten av Splittergrabbarna (IP: posted July 9, 2005 19:58:13:
Tjena Anders.

Inte direkt en fråga men Splitter vill tacka för att vi blev omnämnda i shift-bookleten. Tack som fan för er support!

Jag vet inte om du vart informerad men vi var i kontakt med eran bokningskille i december för att boka in ett nytt Nasum/Splitter-gig i Huddinge i början av året. Det slog som en käftsmäll när Mieszko bekräftades saknad. Synd att vi inte får spela ihop något mer!
Jo, vi fick erbjudandet men vi hann inte ta itu med det innan det gick som det gick. Jag hörde på omvägar att ni gjorde någon grej vid spelningen (eller så har jag drömt det) i Mieszkos ära. Bra gjort. Lycka till med Splitter - nu ligger det på ert ansvar att driva svensk grindcore vidare! / Anders
Question from Braindead (IP: posted July 9, 2005 19:02:27:
Tjena Anders! Vilken är din favorit Nasum låt eller låtar?mina är Fight Terror with Terror,the masked face,The Engine of death,Darkness Falls...
De är väldigt bra låtar du listat, absolut bland mina favoriter. Jag vet inte om jag kan plocka ut mina absoluta favoriter. Snart kan du läsa mina kommentarer till alla albumlåtar och i och med det se vilka jag skriver extra gott om. / Anders
Question from Danny (IP: posted July 9, 2005 02:02:16:
Hej Anders.

Kul att läsa om konserter du går på, men vad är du för en konserttyp Är det banging längst fram som gäller eller är det taktfast nickande/klappande i mitten/längst bak?
Det är väl mera den senare typen. Det var länge sedan jag stod längst fram och öste. / Anders
Question from JONAS (IP: posted July 8, 2005 18:56:49:
Hej Anders! Hoppas allt är bra!
Jag vet att min fråga kan vara en av dom dummaste på mycket länge, men jag vill bara veta,
tycker du om gruppen The Locust?
Jag har inte lyssnat så överdrivet mycket på dem om jag ska vara ärlig. Men jag har faktist recenserat dem en gång. / Anders
Question from mfsarif (IP: posted July 8, 2005 08:26:49:
hi anders.i want to request something frm you.Did u have a extra lyrics want to give me.Maybe i can use it into my own band and ill put some note that this lyrics from anders nasum.Hopefully u have and can give me.Keep on the spirit of nasum.
No, I haven't got any unused lyrics if that's what you mean. / Anders
Question from Fredrik (IP: posted July 8, 2005 01:05:08:
Heya Anders! Can we expect to see you on this years Augustibuller?

And what distortion did Nasum use for their guitars?
Yes, I'll be there. About distortion it really varied. Sometimes pedals, sometimes preamps, sometimes amp distortion... / Anders
Question from sarif (IP: posted July 7, 2005 07:14:01:
hi anders.i really need one big picture of nasum.i want to print it out with color,frame it and put it in my room.pls anders.i really need it.u can send it to my email
I will add the press photos to the site this weekend, I promise! / Anders
Question from torge (IP: posted July 6, 2005 13:40:12:
dear anders,
i would like to ask if i could host the sonx of your mp3-section on ? not all just 5-10.
a little video would be cool, too.
and i need some necrony-stuff for the upcoming goregrind-classic-section.

please say yes!

cheers torge
You can take three (3) songs. / Anders
Question from victor fábio (IP: posted July 6, 2005 01:01:55:
Thanks Anders!
The Brazilian Tribute is Comming!

I'm waiting! :) / Anders
Question from Bazzi (IP: posted July 5, 2005 21:25:35:
Jag såg att dom hade Helvete picture discen på Sound Pollution idag, du letade väl efter vart man kunde få tag på den?
Det var väl mest för internationella köpare som jag letar. / Anders
Question from Kai from Germany (IP: posted July 5, 2005 16:15:27:
hey anders!

i´m looking for a close-up photo of mieszko in a good resolution and quality to use it for a tattoo. i´ve been looking in your galaries, but there was only one pic that seems to fit (galarie 8 pic 2). i want a picture that embodies mieszko´s energy and passion, so i think a live-pic would be best. maybe you can help me out somehow by sending me a link or something else helpful? Exspecially your lyrics mean so much to me, so the tattoo will quote the song "fury": "When the seas calm down but only then will our fury finally sleep" Thank you for so much you don´t know! Kai
I have emailed you that specific picture in the biggest version I have. I don't know if it's big enough. / Anders
Question from jamie (IP: posted July 5, 2005 10:48:56:
is mieszko's grave in a public cemetary? if so, where is it? i would like very much to visit it, i have 2 of his picks and i would like to leave one by his headstone.

nasum is an inspiration to all forms of extreme music, thank you for enlightening us, and our music world.
Mieszko is buried at the Almby kyrka (Church of Almby) in Örebro. The exact "address" of the grave is Syrénen 130. Mieszko's grave is still without a proper headstone since they are waiting for the soil to settle so the stone won't fall. / Anders
Question from victor fábio (IP: posted July 5, 2005 05:18:16:
I have a little proposal for you.. It´s comming along a "Brazilian Nasum Tribute" (with only Brazilian Bands). We still have a long way to go...
But First I need your Authorization!? And if there´s any way you could help it (photos, bio, memory of Miesko...), I would really appreciate that.
my contact if you need is:
You are free to do whatever you want to celebrate the memory of Mieszko/Nasum, but as I've explained earlier I do not want to be involved in the workprocess. It's too weird. / Anders
Question from Charlie, England (IP: posted July 3, 2005 03:41:19:
Hello, is there any way in which you may make a message board for this site please? so we can talk about stuff? thanks
I am not sure that I want a message board. I can easily add one to the site, but a message board always lead to a lot of negative shit (and by that I DON'T mean negative opinions about Nasum - critizism I can handle), and I am so very tired of negative shit on the Internet where unsecure people hide behind their aliases and talk shit about eachother. I don't want such a feature on this site. So, I don't know about a message board right now. / Anders
Question from Ben Terror (IP: posted July 2, 2005 12:34:13:
Nasum are one of the main reasons we got together and made some of our own grind. The DIY ethic is important. I will continue to spread the word of the bands great work in Australia.

We wrote a song called 31/12/04 when the death toll reached over 50 000. Then we found out about Mieszko. We are currently recording this and other songs in our home studio.

If you have time can you check out our first song at

Ben Terror
Well, good luck with the grind! / Anders
Question from jonatan, finland (IP: posted July 2, 2005 12:02:33:
hej anders. kommer tröjorna, exempelvis luvtröjorna med dragkedja att komma i nyupplaga?
eller måste man skynda sig fort som fan att beställa någon av de få som finns kvar?
Jag kommer att prioritera nytryckningar av t-shirts snarare än hoods, så just nu gäller det att köpa de som finns. / Anders
Question from M (IP: posted June 30, 2005 19:00:32:
Could you please put the media section online again?
I'd like to be able to download your backgrounds/wallpapers again... ;)
Maybe. / Anders
Question from prakangR (IP: posted June 30, 2005 06:23:32:
This is prakangR hailing from Q is:

1)what is Nasum guitar tuning/setup?

2)how can i get the human 2.1 album? is it still around?
1. Tune to B and then drop to A.
2. "Human 2.0" can be bought from me. "Human 2.01" (the Japanese edition) can be bought from Japan. There is no "Human 2.1"! / Anders
Question from JONAS (IP: posted June 29, 2005 21:37:44:
när kommer livelåtarna upp på sidan?
När det är dags. Tålamod för sjutton! / Anders
Question from Candy (Benighted - France) (IP: posted June 29, 2005 14:37:37:
Hello Anders,

First of all, the new design is very Great !!!
Here's my question : On the "Collapsed" compilation released by Ritual Records in Japan, there is a live version of "Shadows" among others.
I tried to buy this very nice item, but it's out of print.
I thought this song was (without doubt, he he...) on Grind Finale, but as I saw the song list, it wasn't the case...

Do you think it 's possible to find this song anywere ? Impossible to find it for download...
Perhaps can you add the song in the Grind Finale song list ??!? he he he...

"Grind Finale" only includes studio recordings, why it's impossible to add live songs. I think I have listened to that "Shadows" recording once. It's not that good and we didn't pick it for the comp. Maybe it's out there in some Japanese guys shared mp3's. / Anders
Question from tuoski (IP: posted June 29, 2005 14:30:44:
Hello Nasum!

What does the voice in the beginning of "Stormshield" say exactly? I comprehend part of it, someone having dedicated his life to making money etc... I love the song btw.

Then in the beginning of "Just another hog" someone says something in Swedish. I thought it was something like "Are you blind, deaf or stupid!?" in English. What might that be?
Sample in "Stormshield" (from the movie "Seven"): "This is a man who dedicated his life to making money by lying with every breath that he could muster".
Sample in "Just Another Hog" (from the movie "Tillsammans"): "Fattar du, ta inte det här personligt, men du är så jävla dum i huvudet, du är så jävla lurad!" roughly traslated to "Don't take this personal but you are so fucking stupid, you are so fucking fooled!". / Anders
Question from chuckie hardcore (IP: posted June 28, 2005 22:17:16:
Is the Nasum/Napalm Daeth 10" ever going to see the light of day? I'm sure that I read in past issue of Resoundzine/catolog with Nasum as a feture interview that some of the stuff, for that record had been recorded?If I'm wrong, sorry, but I myself along with other fans of both groups would like too anything about this record;why it would not be put out, when (if so).Thanks, for you time.
I think it's the "Helvete" studio diary that you're thinking of (it was also published in Resound). Anyway - all the old ideas are scraped - read this blog for the latest news regarding the split. / Anders
Question from Dantrooper (IP: posted June 28, 2005 17:55:03:
Hey, you remember the preview to preview to hell-file you made available for download before Helvete was released? YOu told us that you recorded many songs of the album via Minidisc, and as the sound absolutely rocked my bottom here's my desperate plea once again to give us the songs for download.
Plz understand: We just LOOOOOVE raw sound and I fell in love with Miescasdsadko's guitar as soon as I heard it. So please reconsider. thx
At the moment I feel that I want to keep all rehearsals and such for myself. It's my memories. But I might share something one day if it's good enough to be released publicly. Our rehearsal records were always meant for us, for development of the songs, so they are often quite unlike the final versions of the songs. / Anders
Question from Cody (IP: posted June 28, 2005 17:19:51:
Tjena Anders!
Undrar om du har kvar samma trummor som på Helvete inspelningen? I så fall undrar jag vad den "färgen" kallas, och om det är lackat, oljat trä eller om det är är s.k "wraps" runtom. Har själv ett DW set o funderar på att byta utseende på dom, jag gillar utseendet på ditt set.

p.s spelar du alltid barfota lr? hehe
Jo, trumsetet är kvar. Jag har ingen aning om vad det kan kallas. Det är som en slags svart bets på träet. Det är ingen heltäckande färg och heller inte något som klistrats på det. Svart bets är vad det är.
Japp, jag spelar alltid barfota. / Anders
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