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Question from jonatan, finland (IP: posted July 2, 2005 12:02:33:
hej anders. kommer tröjorna, exempelvis luvtröjorna med dragkedja att komma i nyupplaga?
eller måste man skynda sig fort som fan att beställa någon av de få som finns kvar?
Jag kommer att prioritera nytryckningar av t-shirts snarare än hoods, så just nu gäller det att köpa de som finns. / Anders
Question from M (IP: posted June 30, 2005 19:00:32:
Could you please put the media section online again?
I'd like to be able to download your backgrounds/wallpapers again... ;)
Maybe. / Anders
Question from prakangR (IP: posted June 30, 2005 06:23:32:
This is prakangR hailing from Q is:

1)what is Nasum guitar tuning/setup?

2)how can i get the human 2.1 album? is it still around?
1. Tune to B and then drop to A.
2. "Human 2.0" can be bought from me. "Human 2.01" (the Japanese edition) can be bought from Japan. There is no "Human 2.1"! / Anders
Question from JONAS (IP: posted June 29, 2005 21:37:44:
när kommer livelåtarna upp på sidan?
När det är dags. Tålamod för sjutton! / Anders
Question from Candy (Benighted - France) (IP: posted June 29, 2005 14:37:37:
Hello Anders,

First of all, the new design is very Great !!!
Here's my question : On the "Collapsed" compilation released by Ritual Records in Japan, there is a live version of "Shadows" among others.
I tried to buy this very nice item, but it's out of print.
I thought this song was (without doubt, he he...) on Grind Finale, but as I saw the song list, it wasn't the case...

Do you think it 's possible to find this song anywere ? Impossible to find it for download...
Perhaps can you add the song in the Grind Finale song list ??!? he he he...

"Grind Finale" only includes studio recordings, why it's impossible to add live songs. I think I have listened to that "Shadows" recording once. It's not that good and we didn't pick it for the comp. Maybe it's out there in some Japanese guys shared mp3's. / Anders
Question from tuoski (IP: posted June 29, 2005 14:30:44:
Hello Nasum!

What does the voice in the beginning of "Stormshield" say exactly? I comprehend part of it, someone having dedicated his life to making money etc... I love the song btw.

Then in the beginning of "Just another hog" someone says something in Swedish. I thought it was something like "Are you blind, deaf or stupid!?" in English. What might that be?
Sample in "Stormshield" (from the movie "Seven"): "This is a man who dedicated his life to making money by lying with every breath that he could muster".
Sample in "Just Another Hog" (from the movie "Tillsammans"): "Fattar du, ta inte det här personligt, men du är så jävla dum i huvudet, du är så jävla lurad!" roughly traslated to "Don't take this personal but you are so fucking stupid, you are so fucking fooled!". / Anders
Question from chuckie hardcore (IP: posted June 28, 2005 22:17:16:
Is the Nasum/Napalm Daeth 10" ever going to see the light of day? I'm sure that I read in past issue of Resoundzine/catolog with Nasum as a feture interview that some of the stuff, for that record had been recorded?If I'm wrong, sorry, but I myself along with other fans of both groups would like too anything about this record;why it would not be put out, when (if so).Thanks, for you time.
I think it's the "Helvete" studio diary that you're thinking of (it was also published in Resound). Anyway - all the old ideas are scraped - read this blog for the latest news regarding the split. / Anders
Question from Dantrooper (IP: posted June 28, 2005 17:55:03:
Hey, you remember the preview to preview to hell-file you made available for download before Helvete was released? YOu told us that you recorded many songs of the album via Minidisc, and as the sound absolutely rocked my bottom here's my desperate plea once again to give us the songs for download.
Plz understand: We just LOOOOOVE raw sound and I fell in love with Miescasdsadko's guitar as soon as I heard it. So please reconsider. thx
At the moment I feel that I want to keep all rehearsals and such for myself. It's my memories. But I might share something one day if it's good enough to be released publicly. Our rehearsal records were always meant for us, for development of the songs, so they are often quite unlike the final versions of the songs. / Anders
Question from Cody (IP: posted June 28, 2005 17:19:51:
Tjena Anders!
Undrar om du har kvar samma trummor som på Helvete inspelningen? I så fall undrar jag vad den "färgen" kallas, och om det är lackat, oljat trä eller om det är är s.k "wraps" runtom. Har själv ett DW set o funderar på att byta utseende på dom, jag gillar utseendet på ditt set.

p.s spelar du alltid barfota lr? hehe
Jo, trumsetet är kvar. Jag har ingen aning om vad det kan kallas. Det är som en slags svart bets på träet. Det är ingen heltäckande färg och heller inte något som klistrats på det. Svart bets är vad det är.
Japp, jag spelar alltid barfota. / Anders
Question from Bertil (IP: posted June 28, 2005 03:57:02:
ursäkta om frågan är lite väl personlig (inte min mening)

vad är det som har varit jobbigast under tiden från att mieszko var försvunnen tills idag?
Att en människa som hade så mycket livsglädje i sig inte längre finns. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted June 27, 2005 19:51:56:
Har du några planer på att utöka bildgalleriet? Vad jag gärna skulle vilja se är promobilder från alla fotosessions ni tagit! Och gärna fler livebilder och annat smått & gott!
Så småningom kommer det mer bilder. Just nu jobbar jag med andra webbprojekt privat så jag har inte tid till några större uppdateringar på (och uppdatera fotogalleriet är ett stort projekt tidsmässigt!), men det kommer. / Anders
Question from Max (IP: posted June 26, 2005 12:28:12:
Hello! Portugal salutes you guys for the excelent music you wrote!
Keep writing songs, Anders!!!

Can you please translate "Nasum" to english? ;)
Nasum = "a grindcore band from Sweden". / Anders
Question from Paco (IP: posted June 25, 2005 16:58:56:
I´m from Spain...and I would like to know what are your favourite grind bands from Spain??? do u enjoy any new band specially??
I'm not that involved in the Spanish scene. I think Haemorrage has done some cool stuff. One Spanish band that I really like is Ekkeia, but they are a hardcore band. / Anders
Question from Michael (IP: posted June 24, 2005 23:56:27:
"Q: Hey Anders....

...or if you guys would find it appropriate, will you please make In Memory T-shirts for Mieszko? Everyone should be able to show their love.

A: There will be something sooner than you think... / Anders"

Antog bara att det skulle vara en tröja.. vad annars?

kom och tänka på en annan sak också. Hur många trumpinnar och skinn har du slagit sönder sen du började spela i nasum?
Något sådant har jag inte hållt räkning på. Däremot kan jag säga att jag sällan slår av trumpinnar eller slår trumskinn tills de spricker (det har nog aldrig hänt i Nasum, förutom något bastrummeskinn möjligtvis). Jag hade tur med pinnarna, de blev bara grymt slitna i de flesta fallen. / Anders
Question from Michael (IP: posted June 24, 2005 13:42:00:
Det går inte att lägga en förbeställning på memorial tröjan tillsammans med grind finale?

kommer båda vara limited?
Jag vet inte vad du pratar om för tröja, och "Grind Finale" kommer inte att vara limited så det behövs inte göras någon förhandsbeställning. / Anders
Question from Daniel (IP: posted June 22, 2005 00:45:54:
Tjenare Anders! du såg möjligtvis inte ett långhårigt drägg springa runt på hultsfredsfestivalen med "Blind World" t-shirt?
Det gjorde jag inte. Det hade ju varit mäktigt och se den tröjan. / Anders
Question from Amanda (IP: posted June 20, 2005 21:00:03:
cha. ja har läst att ni ska släppa en samlings skiva. när kommer den?? era skivor spelas dyngnet runt har hemma hos mi. dom e svin bra!
Läs. / Anders
Question from (IP: posted June 20, 2005 15:46:57:
hello there,
i've waited a long time with this because in the last (sad) months i didn't want to waste your time with my "important" questions.
1. can you send copies of the following LPs (vinyl)?
2. will there be a new nasum-lp in time? if yes, i would suggest jesper to be the front player and -there's no better grind-voice on earth - the main growler, of course (but i like yours, too, anders)

if the LPs are available you may send them to sven from yellow dog or directly to myself (i can give you the adress per email then)

all my condolence (is this correct english?)
1. The only LP I can SELL you is "Helvete". Please check out the merch page for details.
2. No. / Anders
Question from Daniel M (IP: posted June 20, 2005 14:47:11:
Hello Anders,
Firstly, I really like the new look of the NASUM web-site! Great design...

My question is, having seen photos of a DW double bassdrum pedal on your kit, I'd like to know how do you prefer to set your pedal up? Very tight springs? Beater angled close to skin, or far back? I don't expect a really detailed answer, but I have the same pedal, and as a fellow drummer, I'm just interested in how you might set it up as love your drumming on all the Nasum CDs!

Holding my breath for the mighty GRIND FINALE!
Good luck with your computer recording in the fututre... hope u keep making music - you're a great song writer and lyricist!

Please check out my band's web page, if you have time to. :)

Thanks Anders!
Actually, I have never experienced much with the springs, weights, angles and such. I do prefer that the two beaters feels the same regarding the mentioned stuff but other than that I haven't done much but using the goddamn pedals! :)
Anyway - lately I had to lower the beaters slightly since they begun to lose while playing, but that's the only adjustment I've done for years. / Anders
Question from FreeBase (IP: posted June 19, 2005 22:45:08:

Jag bara undrar över bandet "Krigshot" där jag såg att du var med. Är du trummis där också?. Och sedan undrar jag om vad Krigshot är för musik, alltså jag har ju hört dom. Men har hört massa olika från folk o folk, är det Grind av nåt slag eller är det Punk/Crust?.

Mvh // Angelica
Kolla för mer info och låtar. / Anders
Question from vän (IP: posted June 19, 2005 20:26:50:
Hej. Jag vet att Mieszko funderade på att låta tatuera en logga (en bild med en detaljerad hand tror jag det var). Fick han någonsin den gjort? Vad var det för logga/bild?
Det var den här träsnittsliknande illustrationen på en hand som tar tag i ett hjärta (typ som man plockar äpplen) som finns på Carcass "Heartwork" som han ville göra. Det gick så långt att jag tog fram ett original till han när vi åkte till USA 1999 eftersom vi trodde att vi skulle hitta folk som kunde tatuera oss gratis. Men någon tatuering blev det aldrig. / Anders
Question from Baptiste Sutter (switzerland) (IP: posted June 19, 2005 18:55:45:
At fisrt I want to say sorry! I can't imagine Mieszko died! I always listen your CD and I think about him...He was a God...And he always will be one!

My band and I play Grind and we have composed one song in memory of Mieszko! I would to send you this song when we will record it ok?
And after we will need some help to find a label and like that, play our music fo a long time...

Will stay in my heart...Forever...


Yes, send your song. I can't help you with a label though. / Anders
Question from Thor (IP: posted June 18, 2005 14:49:05:
Mierre var en stor influens i musikproduktion och jag har jämfört hans mixar mot mina många gånger i studion, men vad händer med Soundlab nu?
Det har jag redan svarat på. Läs tidigare frågor och svar. / Anders
Question from Ben from NZ (IP: posted June 16, 2005 00:27:56:
Hey Anders! Greetings from New Zealand!

First off I want to offer my condolences. I am so sorry, for you, for his family and for Nasum. I can't believe I will never get to see Nasum. I had always planned in tracking you guys down one day and getting to see you destroy. You are one of, if not, my favourite bands. I can't wait for Grind Finale!!!

Secondly, I just wanted to know what brand your t-shirts and hoodies are?

Thanks man, stay strong!
Well, your part of the world was of course on our wishlist so it's really too bad that we never got there.

T-shirts are usually Printer Heavy and hoodies Fruit of the Loom. / Anders
Question from james phillips malvern,worcestershire,UK (IP: posted June 15, 2005 20:29:12:
i know this is my second post today but i would just like to thank anders for what a brill job he does putting this website together and all the time and effort he puts into it. not may bands still manage their own websites

nice one anders keep up the great work.

please can you give me some tips on how to write songs as i find it very hard.
All though I've written over 100 Nasum songs, I am not a master of the art of song writing. I just go along with what feels right. I guess that when you start to write you have to think about the music all of the time and try out new arrangements and ideas in your head before you decided on what will be the song.
On "Grind Finale" there's a song whose working title was "The bicycle song" which indicated that it was a song that I came up with biking and then picking out of my head. If I had written down all the "bicycle songs" I've had over the years I would easily have one album worth of material! / Anders
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