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Blasting Shit to Bits on DVD this year

NASUM: BLASTING SHIT TO BITS – THE FINAL SHOW FINALLY SET FOR DVD RELEASE Today, October 6th, marks eight years to the day since the members of Sweden's legendary grindcore outfit Nasum put the band to its final rest with an emotionally and sonically pulverizing show at Stockholm's now defunct...

See Shadows in its entirety

We are very close to the five year anniversary of the final Nasum show that took place at Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden, October 6 2012. Five years seems like a long time ago, but I believe that I speak for my fellow band members and all the people in our touring crew when I say that it fee...

Announcing Nasum: Blasting Shit to Bits - The Final Show

NASUM: BLASTING SHIT TO BITS – THE FINAL SHOW Sweden's legendary grindcore outfit Nasum announce documentary film surrounding the 2012 final performance. Stockholm, February 10, 2017 During its tenure, the now legendary Nasum quickly rose to become one of the most influential acts of ...

Related stuff - and more - on the merch page!

A bunch of more or less odd stuff has been added to the merch page. First and foremost the two freshly released related 7" EP's, "Time and Again" by Anders new band Axis of Despair, and "Salvation by Bloodshed" from the 18 year old death metal project Bloodshed including Mieszko and Anders. ...

All four albums reissued on vinyl! (Update)

We are happy to announce that all four Nasum albums will be reissued on vinyl by Relapse Records. The albums will be available online December 19 2014, and in stores all over the world by January 27 2015. Pre-order is available now. Each title will be available in three editions: 1. 2400 c...

Pre-order the Domedagen EP!

Pre-order of the edition of the "Domedagen" gate folded 7" EP on white vinyl is now available. The total edition is 100 copies but only 45 of these are available for sale at this time and most likely forever. This means the supply is VERY limited and that also means that a certain amou...

Domedagen reissued as a 7" EP on Record Store Day

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Nasum's one and only demo - "Domedagen". This demo was our forth recording, and although it might seem slightly strange to release a demo just all of a sudden, it was all Regurgitate's fault. They did a tape, so we did one. The fourteen songs included t...

Grind Finale vinyl re-issue released

Back in 2006 I was approached by a guy called Mike from Unrest Records in Canada. He wanted to do a vinyl release of the "Grind Finale" compilation, which had been released on a 2xCD in digibook by Relapse. I was reluctant at first, because the main sources of the material in the compilation wer...

The Grand Finale is imminent

Remember about a year ago, when Nasum announced its definitive farewell? 45 shows around the world later, the final 17 concerts are imminent. Please observe: These shows are truly the very last shows this legendary band will ever do, and if there was ever a moment for a band to go out hard...

Ticket links for the European tour

We've added ticket links to all the shows (except the one in Gothenburg) to the tour dates page. Check them out and buy tickets! We will in the nearest future announce additional support acts, but at the moment we can confirm that Massgrave (Canada) will join the bill at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen,...

Nasum teams up with Black Breath for the final tour

All grind things come to an end… For Nasum, 2012 is the year when history finally catches up and makes amends with the present. And as the Swedish grindcore behemoth is coming up to around half way of what is its final farewell world tour, the final leg of the most intense, unruly and cathartic to...

Welcome to version 8.0!

Almost 7 years has passed since May 26, 2005, the launch day of version 7.0. I thought that it was the final version and I have cried a bit inside during the last couple of years due to it's antique technique and "old" design. Well, here's the brand new, redesigned and revamped w...

The Grind Finale of Nasum in 2012

If things were different, if Mieszko hadn't died, Nasum would have celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012, believe it or not. Therefore, and after long deliberation and scrutiny, we have decided that it's now or never: Nasum will do a handful of shows and festival gigs around the world in 2012 - to...

A Tribute to Nasum is released

Today I got my copies of the Nasum tribute released by Power-It-Up. I am not going to review the album but what I can say is that is a sort of surreal feeling that goes through my head when I listen to it. It's 50-odd songs that I have heard a million times - in the rehearsal room, live on stage, on...

The Nasum/Napalm Death split is finally out! Updated merch!

The long awaited, and most likely final Nasum release - the split picture disc 12" with Napalm Death is finally out! It's a very limited edition of 500 copies (at least in this first pressing, unclear if there will be more) and I have a limited amount for sale right now. The picture disc looks re...


The complete biography of Nasum covering the entire history of the band, from the early years to the end of band in 2004... And a slight addition of the 2012 Farewell return.

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The definite guide to the Nasum discography with lots of photos of every release, along with all possible information and comments written by Nasum's Anders Jakobson.

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Nasum remembers former lead singer, guitarist, song writer and producer Mieszko A. Talarczyk with eulogies, pictures and more. Includes Mieszko's own words about the "Helvete" recording.

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A complete run down of each and every show Nasum performed from the first one in 1995 to the final stage appearences in 2012.

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Lyrics to all Nasum songs, organized release by release.

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T-shirt History

A gallery of most of the official and Nasum produced t-shirts.

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