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Question from Jack (IP: posted December 27, 2017 01:18:25:
Will Nasum ever reunite again?
No, not as a performing band in any shape or form. / Anders
Question from Harry (IP: posted June 3, 2017 01:54:42:
Hi Anders, I check the Nasum - page almost every day hoping for news on a possible dvd-release of the concert film. I'm from Germany so I didn't have the chance to see it yet. Anything planned for the future with the film? I was on the farewell tour and liked it a lot. Would be cool to refresh memories again. Maybe you do a limited box including dvd and concert on vinyl ;-)
All the best!
Keep watching... :) / Anders
Question from Fezz (IP: posted December 10, 2016 20:59:43:
I'd like to know if or where I can purchase a genocide superstar t-shirt. Thank you for your time
No idea. Try / Anders
Question from geert lourdaux (IP: posted November 23, 2016 20:14:59:
hello Anders,
Here Geert from Belgium. Sorry it's not a nasum question, but maybe you can help me to find a connection with a member of Genocide superstars. I'm looking for the lyrics of 'hail the new storm' cd.
tanx and cheers
I'm sorry Geert, but apparently there are no proper lyrics to the album. You can make up your own! :) / Anders
Question from David (IP: posted August 8, 2016 23:48:49:
Hello Anders! I want to know something... Why you can´t relive Nasum again with the last line up (2012) reunion 20 th anniversary? but in permanent way... that was so fantastic! Rotten Sound, Sayyadina, Burst members and great musicians. Fans of Nasum love their music, i know that´s a Utopia but why Not???

Greetings from Ecuador
Because Nasum ended as a band October 6, 2012. I would love to play with the other guys any day, but we all got other stuff to do, other bands to play in, so no more Nasum or "band with all the Nasum members"... / Anders
Question from Johan (IP: posted July 19, 2016 19:34:11:
Tjena hur tog ni er till Maryland Dethfest? Börjar fundera på att åka dit nästa år.
Vi var på turné så... via van! :D / Anders
Question from Marcus (IP: posted June 6, 2016 18:41:18:
What chord progressions do you guys use in your music? Like the ones that are slow & crushing for death metal.
Nothing unusual really, although the drop-a tuning we used made it easy to play very harmonic chords every now and then without to much hassle. / Anders
Question from Rafox Lima (IP: posted March 21, 2016 14:19:17:
Hi, I wonder what meaning the first two symbols on the cover of the album SHIFT. thanks.
Question from Wilhelm (IP: posted December 2, 2015 12:32:58:
Finns det någon chans att vi kommer att se reissues av Necrony?
Varken jag eller Rickard är faktiskt speciellt sugna på det. Intresset från bolag saknas inte - känns som det är någon ny som frågar var och varannan månad, men som sagt, där finns inte riktigt på våra önskelistor. / Anders
Question from Daniel (IP: posted August 27, 2015 15:55:25:
Kan man beställa en T-shirt via internet banken till er? Vill gärna ha inhale exhale tröjan i small.. Den med två människor som är bredvid varandra.
Mvh Daniel
Använd beställningsformuläret ("Place your order") så löser det sig. / Anders
Question from Alex (IP: posted July 15, 2015 18:34:49:
Hi Anders,
I do believe there was a post a couple of years ago showcasing 4-5 instrumental only songs. Most likely a session or so. Unfortunately I am no longer able to find that and was wondering if its still up on the website or if I can retain these songs somehow. Thank you! \m/
Here you go. It was the result of a session Urban, Jon and I had back in 2005. / Anders
Question from Kostas (IP: posted December 26, 2014 20:04:18:
Hi Anders i'm a fan of nasum for more than 7 years now but something came to my attention lately which i can't just ignore like it never happened ...

Seriously what's up with the celtic cross Nasum t-shirt man ? can you give an actual explanation about it because the answer you gave to Jordan J doesn't seem clear to me.

Do you have any connections with nationalism ? Because all that years i was under the impresion that nasum are against these kind of stuff ...

I know that the t-shirt was pulled off immediately after it's release and that shows that you've realised that a lot of people can take it the wrong way (which is justified if you ask me) but what was the logic behind it anyway ?
The t-shirt was designed and printed by Relapse, and yes, I approved the design. However I wasn't aware of the, let's say "negative use" of that particular symbol.

"Do you have any connections with nationalism ? Because all that years i was under the impresion that nasum are against these kind of stuff ..." Although I think this question is really stupid, I also believe the circumstances makes it justified, so to answer it: of course we have NO connections WHAT SO EVER to nationalism, other than that the subject have been on the receiving end in a number of lyrical bashings on the albums ("The Idiot Parade" being the obvious example).

It's unfortunate that the t-shirt was made, and it's not on the market any longer. / Anders
Question from Arnold (IP: posted November 22, 2014 01:40:30:
Vilken låt var det tänkt att ni skulle köra på P3 galan innan Mieszko dog?. Minns att det skulle vara en annan version av den låten iaf.
P3 och Burning Heart ville att vi skulle spela "Wrath" i och med att vi hade gjort video på den, men vi ville grinda. Dock fanns det ett tidsspan att fylla ut och vi hade repat in en förlängd version av "Circle of Defeat" där vi helt enkelt slängde på de inledande grindpartierna en gång till där låten ursprungligen slutade. / Anders
Question from HEKE (IP: posted November 19, 2014 09:25:46:

en användare på YouTube som går under namnet "Siegfried Productions"
hävdar att han gör någon slags live-clip sammanställning av den sista turnén som ni gjorde. Han skickar därför ut förfrågningar till personer som lagt upp klipp från era sista spelningar på YouTube där han förfrågar ifall man kan skicka klippen till honom i original.

Han hävdar att han gör detta på uppdrag av er. Stämmer det?
Japp. / Anders
Question from Richard (IP: posted March 25, 2014 23:58:56:

Det ligger en "Pathological Performances"-vinyl ute på Tradera för tillfället. Är det en officiell release eller bootleg? Står att det är Poserslaughter som har släppt den, men hittar ingen vidare info via google... Har du eventuellt mer info?
Visste inte ens om att den fanns. Möjlig "officiell" bootleg. / Anders
Question from Attila Nemeth (IP: posted March 23, 2014 01:12:18:
Hi Anders! I'm a big Nasum vinyl freak/collector and I just want to ask you that is there any possible way to order the domedagen 7" in each version as one pack?
Ps.: I can say that it was the greatest moment in my life when we (Freedom Is A Lie) played as a local support band in Budapest/Hungary with you guys!
Power It Up sell all versions in a bundle. Go there! / Anders
Question from Nicke (IP: posted February 17, 2014 19:52:06:
Tjena! Om man beställer nya singeln och annat från er skickas det från Sverige då och vad kan det kosta med frakt?
Ja och frakten styrs av vad totalvikten blir. / Anders
Question from Lisa (IP: posted December 11, 2013 09:03:02:
Om man letar efter Shift-CDn, men inte hittar den under merchandise här, är det ett ganska dött lopp då eller?
I betydelsen att vi inte säljer den, ja. Men det finns ju vanliga skivbutiker och distros som har den. / Anders
Question from Arnold (IP: posted June 22, 2013 13:54:52:
Vad hände med Krigshot hemsidan? Kan du fixa upp alla lyrics igen kanske någonstans? Och alla låtarna så jag slipper rota i gamma lådor med cd's.
Sidan självdog. Texter finns här och låtarna finns väl också på nätet någonstans... / Anders
Question from Stefano (IP: posted May 14, 2013 21:31:00:
Hello, what means the four symbols on the cover of the album Shift?
Thank you
Search in the previously answered questions. / Anders
Question from Janni (IP: posted March 17, 2013 20:28:48:
Tjena Anders !
What do you think of Neaera´s cover of "Shadows" ?
I choose not to comment on specific cover versions, but my general feeling is that I am very flattered for being an inspiration for some other band. / Anders
Question from Spyrus X (IP: posted March 14, 2013 23:28:48:
a question for the band. what do your parents make of your music/image?
Speaking for myself: My parents obviously don't understand anything about my music, but they have always been supportive and proud of my accomplishments. / Anders
Question from Dmitry (IP: posted February 13, 2013 16:43:55:
Hello. I've ordered your Couple t-shirt - European version on Feb 5th. Still got no reply from you. Thanks.
Yeah, the shop has been closed for a few weeks due to a personal move from one house to another. Will open soon again and I'll take care of all the backorders. / Anders
Question from SuperLinoPuro (IP: posted February 7, 2013 19:48:47:
Hur många kassetter gjordes av Domedagen? Har du någon aning om vad man får ge för ett ex i dagens läge?
Jag har ingen som helst aning. Den pressades aldrig upp av någon firma, utan vi kopierade kassetter själva efter bästa förmåga. Så jag har faktiskt ingen aning, och det är dessutom väldigt svårt att avgöra om ett exemplar på marknaden är ett "original" eller en "kopia". / Anders
Question from Nils (IP: posted January 25, 2013 02:55:18:
Hallå, Anders. Jag har alltid undrat varför ni stämde upp gitarrerna från A-drop till B#-drop mellan Helvete och Shift?
Det har att göra med att Mieszko och Urban upplevde att A-drop inte riktigt fungerade live. Tydligheten försvann, så då blev det B#-drop live och så följde det med in i studion. Det var B#-drop under farvälturnén också. / Anders
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